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One way to educate your child in a complete way and at the same time equip him with essential Christian values is through the Christian homeschool approach.
What is homeschooling?

Home school is a method of schooling apart from the typical traditional approach to education through public schools. About 750,000 to 1,000,000 students in America are learning holistically through the homeschool method. Many people prefer to homeschool their children for reasons concerning lifestyle and medical problems.

In the U.S, it is legal to follow the homeschooling method. However, each State has different laws for education. The best way to find out what pertains to you if you decide to home school your kid is to enquire at the state or regional home education organization.

There are various support groups by volunteers who themselves follow the homeschool system. They are well endowed with all information so you can contact them for any information regarding homeschooling. They also provide additional service and resources like books, materials, consultation, tests and distance education.

Homeschooling in which Christian values are instilled into the learning process is gaining importance. Christian homeschool approach gives parents a choice of amalgamating academic education with teachings of Bible and God through everyday instruction. In some public schools, you might face difficulty in showing your religious preference. Here the Christian homeschool method is a welcome option.

There may be different reasons for homeschool with a Catholic approach. Private schools which may tolerate religious preferences are usually very expensive. Some schools are situated in unsafe localities. Moreover, if you are a Christian missionary and can get transferred it makes sense to follow the Christian homeschool approach rather than splitting up your family. Children of parents in the military service who move frequently face problems if jostled between many schools. 

A Christian home school based education program allows learning to be of an all abounding process incorporating Christian values. Like the solidity of Christianity, The system is also based on a solid foundation.

Holistic education is provided by the Christian homeschool system. It includes all subjects and disciplines and covers every part of life- spiritual and physical. Here the student starts learning in the right way from the very beginning.

The Bible, which is a source of knowledge and truth is used by the student to recognize certain set spiritual values and at the same time explore and understand newer concepts. The coupling of both the approaches helps the students to acquire true knowledge. Also the one-to-one approach of parent as teacher in this process is a benefit to students.

In the Catholic homeschool system, a lot of multicultural opportunities are presented which teach the child tolerance and understanding. This helps in social and emotional growth. Thus, the Christian homeschool system is definitely an advantage over strictly public or private schools since it borrows all the better aspects of the school curriculum and discards the negative aspects.