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Parents who decide to home school their children do not take into account the cons of homeschooling. Homeschooling implies individual teaching by parents stressing mainly on specific subjects as against enrolling their children in public schools for an all round development of the child.

There are truly some great advantages of the homeschool method which have been proved through the years. The children involved are often endowed with superior knowledge and skills. They present 15% more higher scores than their counterparts in public schools. However, there are pros and cons of this system to be regarded before you decide to follow this method.

An all round learning is very important for a child and involves social, general and individual education of the child. This is sadly absent in the home school. Since parents want children to excel only in certain subjects that will fetch them successful jobs, the general knowledge acquired by the students under the public curriculum is lacking in the home scholars.

In the public schooling system, the curriculum is both socially and academically oriented. These children are taught how to coexist and survive in society. One of the cons of homeschooling is that here learning does not include social interactive and communication skills very important for a child during the formative years. Children are not taught to be effective social beings.

In future these children will face social situations and all kinds of people. Without parental guidance they will not be able to tackle situations and adapt to the social side of life, effectively. Homeschooling does not open opportunities for social perception thus children start feeling inadequate and isolated amongst others.

As a parent, you have to take full responsibility of your child’s learning process under this system. This requires quantitative as well as qualitative time. Either of the parents will have to leave their jobs to devote all their time and attention to the child. From planning and implementing lessons to correcting worksheets and making visuals it is now solely the parent’s responsibility. All this is time-consuming .

There are other cons of homeschooling like extra responsibilities. Important things like co-curricular activities, music lessons, library work, social programs which are usually provided by the public school will now have to be provided by the parent.

Cons of homeschooling also include the fact that there will be financial disadvantages. Though there are no school fees, one of the employed parent must leave his or her salaried job to home school the child. With one income where there was double income previously parents start facing monetary problems. Moreover, the parents must now buy materials like textbooks, dictionaries, maps, which are provided free by the school. These aspects would certainly prove difficult for the parents.

Cons of homeschooling is not meant for parents who try to provide a sound education to their child but are unable to do this due to certain factors. In each level, a parent following homeschooling requires more effort than one enrolling the child in the public school system.