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Home school, the education system outside the periphery of institutionalized education   has reached the zenith of success with a novel approach towards knowledge. Homeschooling is an instruction to educate the children at home and is run under the supervision of correspondence schools or umbrella schools.

Falling Back To The History Of Homeschooling

John Caldwell Holt was the first person who stirred the national and international consciousness with his first published work, “How Children Fail” In this book he made the controversial statement that the children fail because of the efforts of schools. Holt’s, in his next work “How Children Learn” which was published in 1967, demonstrated how formal schooling is a poor detour to the learning process of children. He coined the term ‘unschooling’ referring to a curriculum-free philosophy of homeschooling.

But John Holt did not consider any alternative to institutional schooling. He just incited people to rethink about old education system.

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Ray and Dorothy Moore – the renowned career educational professionals, were the pathfinders of modern homeschool movement. Their research paper showed that the emotional bonding of children with their parents and their development in the early stages at home, couldn’t be substituted with a standard school environment.

The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Homeschooling

Survey results show that the parents of homeschooled children deemed the social environment of other forms of standard schooling not good for their children. The most negative aspects considered are exposure to drugs, negative peer pressure, premature sexualization, bullying and school violence. The parents believe that a good environment at home with own people is the key to make a child a good social being.

To some parents, religion and moral instructions are the reasons, which their kids won’t, get in a standard school. Homeschool is the best option for children who are special with unusual mental or physical needs and for children of traveling parents, missionaries or military people. In a homeschool, the learning process offers flexibility of time, space and method catering to diverse needs.

Children who have other careers to pursue like dancing, singing or magic, homeschooling is a good option.

Is Homeschooling Legal?

Homeschools are legal in many parts of the world. The United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are the countries where homeschool movements have flourished very well. In some of the countries, home schooling programs are an extension of the compulsory schooling system. But in some countries homeschooling is not legal.

Swaying Demographics

The demographic statistics regarding homeschooled children in United States shows an upward climb as can be seen in the United States Department of Education report NCES 2003-42, which shows that from 850,000 homeschooled students in 1999 (1.7 % of the total US population) the figure has risen to 1.1 million students in 2003 (2.2 % of the total US student population).

If you want your child to climb the success ladder of novel education, nourish him with a nutritious diet of education in home school.