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The Christian Home School curriculum has a classical approach. Well, if you are a Christian then you can opt for the Christian home schools. The classical approach connects effectively with most of the children.

The three basic classical stages of the Christian Home School curriculum

Stage 1

The elementary level of the curriculum stresses on the acquisition of the basic data. The basic data includes the memorization of math facts, biblical verses and the phonics rules for reading and spelling. This offers the primary information to the child.

Stage 2

This stage is quite challenging and debating. The curriculum starts in the 5th or 6th grade, as it is the time when the data and ideas are already questioned, proved and tested. The information bank of the child is now put to use.

Stage 3

This stage of the curriculum is also known as the 'rhetoric' stage. This curriculum marks the 10th or 11th stage. At this level, the child begins to have views of his/her own and also states the views to the others.

Advantages of the Christian Home School curriculum

The classical Christian Home School curriculum puts its focus on the use of the great classic literature as the foundational reading. Classical literature actually describes and is based upon certain standards that are responsible for the foundation of our lives.

The curriculum having a classical pattern deals with the real world and does not profess a fantasy of randomness and unbelief. The genuine classics teach moral lessons as well as use challenging vocabulary and correct grammar.

The academic courses consist of the learning of Latin, legends, great literature and phonics. The Christian Home Schools believe that this type of curriculum will help bring forward the good news of the Bible. The curriculum further includes the catechisms of the Reformation period of history and the great Calvinistic confessions.

The Christian Home Schools have tailored curriculum programs for the children to conveniently study their subjects on different levels. The programs also provide the option of diagnostic testing when the parents so require and also offer many other kinds of services to boost easy learning. The Christian Home School curriculum is formulated in such a way so as to help the serious Christian families.

Implementation of the Curriculum

You can either make your own curriculum or obtain a pre-packaged curriculum (covering many subjects), but always keep in mind that you must not force your religious beliefs on the child. The approach to the world should be from different perspectives, as what may seem the right way of teaching to you may not be the right form of teaching for the others. The curriculum should be flexible enough, giving the children the scope to grow with their thinking.

For providing a comprehensive Christian education to children, parents always prefer the Christian Home School curriculum program.