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Contrary to popular schooling, Christian homeschooling offers education along with the teachings of the Bible that helps inculcate Christian values in the learners. As a Christian parent, Christian homeschooling is an idea worth considering for your child. In this increasingly commercialized world, Christian homeschooling helps you to maintain your religious identity.

The concept of Christian home schooling has started creating ripples thanks to the overwhelming response of the parents who want their children to pick up knowledge and religious wisdom simultaneously. A Christianity based home education program helps parents to give their ward a comprehensive Christian education. The child from the early part of his life understands the essence of the Bible and its teachings. The best part is that the child learns in homely ambiance and has the parents for his guides and mentors.

Christian homeschooling has come as a welcome relief for the parents who have always wanted their children to be firmly grounded in religious beliefs rather have been ill at ease with their utter disregard and disinterest being completely swayed by the hip-hop culture. Such parents can now be at peace considering the fact that the study of Bible will sow the seeds of religious inclination. This, the parents believe, will broaden the vision and thoughts of the children and then their personality will reflect knowledge, wisdom and a greater sense of understanding.

If the legal aspect of Christian homeschooling baffles you and keeps you on tenterhooks, you would be pleased to know that US and most other countries has given legal clearance to homeschooling. Every state has its own laws related to homeschooling. It is estimated that about 750000 to 1000000 students follow home schooling mode of education, which itself is a testimony to the growing popularity of home schooling amongst parents.

Why To Choose Christian Home Schooling?

  1. Christian homeschooling lays stress on the holistic approach to education and offers complete knowledge as opposed to public or private schools.
  2. Children of Christian home schools do not have to undergo the trauma of changing schools regularly because of transfer of jobs or any other reason.
  3. Christian home schooling keeps your child away from the negative influences of traditional schooling.
  4. You can take the help of Christian home schooling support groups to get the emotional and social boost.
  5. There are private schools that provide Christian teachings within their curriculum but the high-costs dissuade the parents and they come back to the folds of Christian home school.

Criticisms Of Christian Home Schooling

  1. It is presumed that the child, who undergoes Christian homeschooling, faces problem in befriending people of other communities.
  2. The liberty and right of a child is denied in case of Christian home schooling.
  3. It is often argued that that the child can be more tolerant if he mixes with non-Christian students, which is not possible in case of Christian homeschooling.

As a prudent parent, it is up to you to decide the future of your child. So, carefully judge the benefits and negative aspects of Christian homeschooling, but most importantly eye the overall development of your child.