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Have you heard of a home school academy? It is an innovative way of helping the child learn at his/her own pace and from the comforts of his/her own home. The home school academy maintains its focus on true learning. Efforts are made for understanding the potential of the child.

The home school academy is managed by the parents and it becomes their responsibility of educating their children. In contrast to the general conception that homeschooling isolates the children at home, the parents are required to include field trips, outside classes, sports, service work and other activities for providing good learning experiences and opportunities. These elements bring forth the academic excellence of the home school academy.

Homeschooling encourages the development of close bonds between people of different age groups rather than the children of the same age group. The bond between the children and the parents become very close and loving.

The home school academy supports intellectual development of a student side by side the development of his/her personality and moral character. The parents have immense influence over the child in his/her all round development, which is contrary to institutionalized schooling. The parents also set their own plans and schedules.

The home school academy motivates the child to think as well as act independently. The institutional schools, however, encourages group thinking.

The Accredited Home School Academy

  • Homeschooling is legal in America and the American Academy is an accredited home school academy. This home school academy caters to students right from the Pre-Kindergarten to the Senior High School.

After the completion of the student assignments and grading, the American Academy audits and keeps the records. You can avail of the services of the Academy staff through phone and email.

The Academy maintains the high school transcripts and academy records and also issues a High School Diploma upon graduation. The Academy graduates have obtained entrance to the military service, colleges, workplace and private business. An American Academy graduate is also eligible for the college scholarships.

The Academy acts like the school office for homeschooling, the parent is the home school supervisor, the home is the classroom and the student learns from the individualized, self-instructional curriculum. As a parent, you will be trained for homeschooling via the American Academy Program. A home school manual is sent to the parent's home to assist the parent with the proper guidance.

The American Academy helps the parents to learn the essentials of homeschooling from the comforts of their home. After the successful completion of the training program, the parents are provided with a certification.

The monthly tuition costs cover all the homeschooling costs with the American Academy. The monthly tuition includes the cost of all the learning materials and services.

  • The Heritage Home School Academy provides a nationally recognized and accredited curriculum. The curriculum is based on the Bible and is meant for the enhancement of the Christian character. It also has all the tools necessary for positive homeschooling results.

  • There are many other home school academies like Grace Academy, The Jubilee Academy, Kolbe Academy Home School, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Verdugo Academy Homeschool and the Plano Home School Academy. A parent finds the guidance of a home school academy truly helpful.