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Learning couldn’t have been better for your child. Home school curriculum is designed in a way so that you can create a homely atmosphere with adequate attention from your side. It is a good escape from other students, bullies and peer pressure, which are some of the major reasons why home schooling has taken a firm foothold. With the advent of Internet, home schooling has even captured more attention.

Once you’ve decided to home school your kid, it comes with an array of responsibilities. You can buy a pre-packaged curriculum, make your own package or can even do the combination of both. Some parents prefer to teach their children in accordance to their religious belief. However, it is important to remember that they should be taught about the world altogether in order to develop a global attitude and think from many different perspectives.

A pre-packaged curriculum can be said as a “school in a box” or an “all-in-one” curriculum which is a comprehensive one and covers many subjects. It consists of all the required books and materials such as pencils and writing papers too. It is done mainly to create a school like environment at home. A home school curriculum is also required to include the four major subjects – English, Maths, History and science.

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Parents are free to add any other subject, which they find their child is interested in such as writing, art or any creative work. The whole curriculum should be designed in a way to ensure that the children are updated with others of the same age group. The home educators at community centers, museums, athletic-clubs, churches, parks, science preserves and other community resources can utilize these educational programs.

Home school curriculum has many benefits to offer such as its ability to blend studies using a central theme. For instance, a lesson on Native Americans could combine studies on social sciences like how different kind of tribes liveed prior to colonization, art of native American clothing, history of Native Americans in the United States of America; and the science of plants and trees used by them.

Un-schooling is another form of home schooling where students are encouraged to explore newer avenues instead of directly instructed. Also known as “interest-led” or “child-led” learning, Un-schooling makes an attempt to provide opportunities with games and real life problems where a child can learn without coercion.

The vital factor in choosing a home school curriculum is to be flexible. New parents in this concept end up spending an astronomical amount of money on boxes full of books, which eventually lead them to boredom. Therefore, choosing the right curriculum is essential for effective learning. If it doesn’t work out in the first go, try and read the options again carefully, keeping in mind your child’s learning style. And if all fails try using the library or the Internet!