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The advantages of home schooling versus public education have been debated for ages and have been a great cause of concern among parents. Parents keen on ascertaining a bright future for their children should dwell on the details of both home schooling and public education, scrutinize them thoroughly, before opting for any one of the two.

The Advantages Of Home Schooling

  • The crucial advantage of home schooling is its flexibility. You can select the lessons to perfectly complement your child’s learning aptitude.
  • Home Schooling also allows you to make changes to the curriculum so that they can enhance your child's learning capability.
  • Since the teaching process does not follow any conventional style, you can customize the lessons in a fun-filled way for your kids to add to the interest factor.
  • Home schooling also saves you a lot of money, which can be used for co-curricular activities for your child.  There is always this controversy about “home schooling versus public education” that though public education is a bit more costly, it furnishes quality, comprehensive education compared to homeschooling. But this is not true, because the modern home school curriculum is an all-round curriculum and helps enhance your child’s prospects.
  • Home schools of today use computers and modern equipments to impart knowledge to your child. This enables to stimulate the feeling of a real classroom within the ambience of the house.
  • In home schooling, a student is not bound by the school schedule, which incorporates role calling by the teacher or attending to other students for indiscipline. This saves time and the student can directly concentrate on the study.

The Advantages Public Education

  • The biggest argument about “home schooling versus public education” is that, public education enables social development of a child. This argument is true to a great extent. By means of public education, you can let your child be the part of the same group for several years.
  • Since your child is sent to the school, you are left with ample time to meet the household chores or attend to your own self and job.
  • Besides serving education, public schools arrange for extra curricular activities for your child, which help in over-all development of the child.

Home Schooling Versus Public Education – An Analysis

Findings have shown that home-educated students usually outperform their public school peers. In fact, the home school curricula incorporate more subjects compared to the public school curricula and therefore, colleges are preferably recruiting home educated students.

Nevertheless, homeschooling has its fair share of disadvantages. As the parent, you must first judge your own capabilities of guiding your children. This is not all; you should also think of the time-factor. Homeschooling can be the option if you are competent enough and can spend enough time otherwise public education will do good to your child. Moreover, in a home school your kid is deprived of the social interaction, which is otherwise possible within the school ambience. 

As caring parents, you will have to decide what is best for your child’s future without eyeing the controversy over “home schooling versus public education”.