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Homeschool support groups are groups of home schooling people who have a firm belief in education as taught in homeschools rather than a negative stand on education imparted at the schools. Parents who are home schooling their children, professionals and volunteers who work with home schoolers, in fact, anyone upholding the concept of homeschooling, can be a member of these support groups.

Join in a homeschool support group or start your own group if you truly intend to give the best and socially useful education to your home school child. All the while, of course, you will need to remember that the chief aim of homeschool support groups is to further the cause of homeschooling (a pro homeschooling approach and not necessarily anti school / institutional education).

Benefits Of Being A Support Group Member

Homeschool support groups meet in places like libraries and churches or engage in on-line chats and discussions to share vital information related to home schools and home schooling methods, laws, provisions etc. A homeschool support group creates opportunities for social interaction. Participation in these group-discussions and meetings, in addition, present ample possibilities for learning from others experiences and hence they can be more beneficial when compared to textbooks and other sources of information.

Exchange of opinions and views on different aspects of homeschooling – curriculum, method and the like – render unparalleled help for home schoolers and people guiding them in the decision-making process. Be it to learn new teaching techniques or getting clarifications for all your problems or saving some money by placing bulk orders, support groups are undoubtedly of immense help.  

Selecting A Support Group

Selecting a support group is indeed a critical decision. Actually, there are many homeschool support groups and you need to make a comprehensive study before confirming your commitment to a certain group or groups. Your choice of home school curriculum, teaching methods and mode need to be considered. Your child’s requirements and the goals of the home school curriculum play an imperative role in the selection of support groups, however, your values too matter.

Home school support groups complete the education experience of home schoolers and denying your child this experience will be depriving the child. Ask your state education department for a list of homeschool support groups or visit Internet sites giving listings of similar support groups and select the ones matching your priorities and conditions.