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Homeschool breaks the limitations of institutional education holding out knowledge in a unique way. It is an exclusive system of building up your child’s future in a unique way.

What Is Home Schooling?

Homeschooling is a system of instruction providing education to children at home rather than any public or private institution. A home school is run under the guidance of correspondence schools or umbrella schools.

Origin Of Home Schooling

The origin of home schools can be traced back to John Caldwell Holt’s first work “How Children Fail” which was published in 1964. Holt in this book depicted his first hand experience as a teacher who observed children and their education system. His conclusion was that children failed not because of their own paucities but because of lack of competence of schools. However, he never proposed any alternative to institutional schooling system.

Important Resources For Home Educators that'll make sure your child is well educated.

The pathfinders of modern home school movements are career educational professionals Ray and Dorothy Moore. They conducted a research on the validity of Early Childhood Education. They concluded that, "where possible, children should be withheld from formal schooling until at least ages eight-ten". According to them, institutional education prior to 8 to 12 is academically, socially, mentally, and even physiologically detrimental to the children. The key findings of Moores was that the warm hours spend by children at home which is curtailed by enrollment into schools can never instill the same quality of life and values.

The Legality Of Home Schooling

Homeschooling is legal in many parts of the world and is most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In United States, each state governs their home schools so the systems are quite individualistic.

Why Parents Favor Home Schooling Programs

  • Most of the parents cite the premature exposure of their children to drugs, conniving peer pressure, bullying, sexuality and violence in a formal schooling environment as damaging and opts for home schooling. To them, the family unit will play a more positive role in the child’s development than same age peers.
  • Some kids are special and so are their physical and mental needs, they cannot fit in the stern environment of a formal school. Proper homeschooling with the right kind of home schooling books is the only and the best way to nurture their talents.
  • Home school is the best option for a child who has learning disabilities or illnesses, for military people, children of missionaries or for kids of traveling parents.
  • Home schooling is also best for a child who is engaged in some other vocation like circus, music or dancing.

So, try out this newfound path of education - the homeschool, and build a solid future for your child.