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The clock has started ticking off and before you take the final leap, weigh carefully the pros and cons of homeschooling vs public schooling. Of course I am talking about first enrollment of your child in a school, the biggest event after his or her birth!

Here is a detailed overview about both schools. Read the following before taking the final decision. Both home schooling and public schooling has their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The Plus Points Of Homeschooling Are

The foremost point, which can be said in favor of home school, is its flexibility. You can schedule the learning routines and lessons as per your child’s pace and requirement. A home schooling system allows for changes in curriculum making the system easy to handle.

You can structure the education program for your child in a practical and funny manner making the child an eager learner in a home school system.

Speaking about monetary matters, homeschools will cost lower than expensive public schools. You can save money for your child to engage him in different social activities that will build up his or her skills.

In a homeschool, the teacher to student ratio is quite low compared to that of the public and private schools. The student can get one-to-one individualistic attention.

In homeschooling system, education is customized to specific needs. The students who are introvert, physically or mentally challenged or has language blocks can learn smoothly at their own pace in a homeschooling system which will be tailored to their particular needs

The Pros Of Public Schooling

In a public school, your child will get the proper social exposure, as he will grow up with his same age peers. Though you can engage your kid in several social activities in a homeschool nothing can equal the effectiveness of belonging to the same group for a long time.

If you are educating your child in a home school you have to be with them constantly to carry out the lessons and to correct the worksheets. However, if you enroll your child in a public school you will get ample time for yourself, your job and for the hoards of household chores you need to complete.

Both side, homeschools and public schools have strong pointers in their favors. Choose the best for your child from this sizzling debate between homeschooling vs public schooling.