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The multi-age curricula for homeschool is deliberately planned to enable the child to be a successful learner on his capability. This learning process is more child-centered than curricula centered.

In multi-age curricula, the teacher has to give individual attention to each student, instead of teaching the class as a whole. As a result, the education process is turned into a successful adventure for both the teacher and the student. In case of homeschooling, the parents (being the guides) will have to pay attention to a single child at a time.

Multi-Age Curricula For Homeschool – The Different Approaches

Different homeschooling families employ different approaches to educate the children, which incorporates – Independent Studies, Integrative Teaching (vertical and horizontal), Unit Studies and Mentoring. To make your approach very effective, you need to chalk out a proper lesson plan. Nonetheless, remember to keep the plan simple and innovative. Modify the plan from time to time in order to complement the attitudes and feelings of the learners.

  • Unit Studies

Under the Unit Studies method, all the subjects center on a certain topic, for example a time period or a geographical location. Try to work as a team and introduce an assignment, wherein children of different age groups can work. Thus, you can plan a research work for the older students and involve the younger students in coloring the same project.

  • Interactive Teaching Methods (Vertical and Horizontal)

This is also a process of teaching included under the multi-age curricula for homeschool. In case of vertical interactive teaching, a specific subject is chosen but the assignment of each student may vary. For example, you can choose a particular topic on which a student may be writing an essay, whereas another student may be drawing a picture. In case of horizontal interactive teaching, you may choose a theme for the children. Now, one learner may incorporate the chosen theme into History while another may incorporate it in Science and Mathematics.

  • Independent Studies

Another interesting process of teaching is the Independent Studies of the multi-age curricula for homeschool. Different students have their respective demands; that being the case, independent studies is the best. Here the best way to impart education is through the process of online tutoring. This mode of tutoring is especially beneficial for those who want professional input, without sacrificing the homeschool environment.

  • Mentoring

Sometimes you can go for teamwork by pairing two siblings together. This process of teaching is an effective method incorporated in the multi-age curricula for homeschool. Here, you can pair a younger individual with the older one and give them a specific subject to study. In any case, you will need to assign those projects, which have components beneficial for both children. This will enable both to gain knowledge from each other.

 How To Make Multi-Age Curricula For Homeschooling Effective?

Being the guardian, you can set a work area, so as to make the teaching process effective. Prepare a routine and begin your day. Chalk out a schedule incorporating commitments for each family member. Select the topic or theme and then grade appropriate assignments. Create a positive classroom environment and remember that 'patience is the virtue'.

You can improve the classroom ambience by making effective groups. Do not forget to modify the groups from time to time. With a sincere effort, you will surely succeed in coming up with effective multi-age curricula for homeschool.