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Multi-age home schooling is basically homeschooling children of different ages at the same time. No matter how old the students may be, this particular form of homeschooling curriculum is just apt for all. In multi age homeschooling system the student gets a chance to learn at home, following a to-do-list well suited to the family.

However, as for the parents, they should be familiar with the norms of homeschooling and must plan a multi-age home schooling program following the guidelines prescribed by the government. Nowadays, almost all states have legalized multi age home school system. If you are really interested in the curriculum, you first have to check with the rules within your own state and then decide how to proceed with the plan. All you need to do is to check with the local public school for convincing and truthful whereabouts.   

What exactly the parents and the tutors need to do to run this multi age home based school? First, they are to write a letter addressing the local public school. In the letter they should write about what exactly they intend to do in setting up multi-age home schooling. Their next step would be to participate in preparing several multi-age home school lesson plans. This will definitely help the tutors and the parents have a confident start. In some states, it is mandatory to produce a copy of the lesson plan for consent before beginning with a multi age homeschooling system.

Every year the students are asked to sit for tests under the strict supervision of efficient and competent teachers. However, this rule of multi-age home schooling is not compulsory in all states. Tests are beneficial as they give you a chance to have an idea about how your child has prepared himself and also about the sort of aptitude your child possesses.

A multi age home school is definitely an expensive choice as the list of expenditure is a bit too big, but the flexibility of the option has made it immensely popular among general public. However, there are some tested ways of reducing costs and expenses in matters of multi-age home schooling.

  • You don’t need to buy textbooks and other materials while planning to run a multi age home school. You can conveniently borrow books from the local schools or libraries or even buy them at negligible costs. If you need more you can just download the materials from the Internet and print them as par requirement

  • Take the help of multi-age homeschooling communities who will tell you where to look for cheap or free educational requirements

  • For a more practical knowledge, that too at a cheap cost you can take your child to the zoo, botanical gardens museums or historical sites. This is undoubtedly a most exciting part of multi-age home schooling system.

  • For a more culture specific experience you can take your child to theaters and other cultural locations, which is sure to cost you quite a little sum of money.

If you want to gain more knowledge about how to conduct a multi age home school program you can join some of the home based school communities to learn more by sharing your experiences with other homeschooling parents. A kind of solidarity in this regard is sure to show promising colors in the future.